Magazine circulation data? - USPS Statement Ownership | Ask MetaFilter - a Statement of Ownership. Magazine circulation data? - USPS Statement Ownership | Ask MetaFilter - In the USA, every year magazines are required to file a Statement of Ownership. Usps Form 3526 Fillable - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - Fill Usps Form 3526 Fillable, download blank or editable online. Usps Form 3526 Fillable - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank - PS Form 3526, September 2007 (Page 1 of 3...
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My name is Nasir Ruiz and I'm an instructor at the interest service postal training activity today I will be giving a brief instruction on how to properly deliver personal accountable mail utilizing the PS form 3849 what is personal countable mail well first of all countable mail is any type of mail that has an additional service such as insured registered or certified when there's addressed to an individual by name such as masteren truest kernel King John Smith that is Mel that it's addressed to an individual by name it is different from mail that's addressed so commander which would be called official mail but today we're only going to talk about personal mail that's delivered to an individual by name so let's take a look on how to properly fill out the ps4 38:49 mail that has an additional service will look like this it has this special service sticker or in this case it's called a ps4 38:13 this piece of mail is addressed to an individual by name so now we're going to work on filling out the 3849 to properly deliver this item to the individual here we have the PS form 3849 delivery notice reminder receipt this little form is what you the customer must bring to the post office along with proper identification in order to receive further mail the first thing we're going to fill out is the date today's date is 7 15 15 there is no specific format on how to enter the date so we'll just keep it simple the sender's name we're going to look at the upper left-hand corner of the box or the mailing label and it give us the name of the sender in this case it's Linford Hughes and then right below that is the item is at the post office fpou ae0 nine four five nine the first column on the far left it tells us what kind of mail are we delivering is it a letter a large envelope magazine a parcel perishable item or other in this case we have a parcel we'll put an extra says parcel in the next column to the right we have the type of service is a Priority Mail express insured registered return receipt for merchandise restricted delivery or signature confirmation our box has the special service of insured over two hundred dollars that requires a signature I'll put an exercise insured mail okay then we have available for pickup after what that tells us is when can the customer pick up the mail so we're we're gonna put in as today's date seven fifteen fifteen and the time we will always utilize the time that the post office opens our post office opens at zero nine right below that we have a small little sentence that says if checked you or your agent must be present at time of delivery to sign for the item what does that mean that means that the customer who who the box is addressed can pick it up or he or she may give authorization to another individual to sign for the mail and I will show you where that is located here shortly in the meantime we're gonna put an X in that box and continue right below that you have a sentence that says USPS tracking number article...